Monday, October 30, 2017


Post by: Mwangi Ndonga

I used to work in a bakery. During my tenure there my appreciation for freshly baked bread grew to new heights. In many cultures across the world, bread serves a role beyond being just a nutritious element. When we break bread with a neighbor, we are doing more than just consuming a meal.

Recall that the Israelites had to gather Manna daily and could not preserve it. Any Manna they tried to preserve would not keep well. They had to rely upon God daily.

In the prayer you and I recite on Sunday morning, we ask that God “give us this day our daily bread”. This request is for more than just nourishment. What we are asking God for is His blessing to serve us for that day according to his plan. We have to be in daily prayer to receive the fresh Word of God. Just as last month’s bread may not nourish our bodies. The direction that God had for us last month may not suffice because even in that time frame God may have changed you anew. Unless you ask for today’s guidance, you will be off-course.

Even more importantly, God doesn’t want us to wait for tomorrow’s bread. He can fill our souls right now.

“Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more”

Mwangi Ndonga currently lives in Broomfield with his wife, Talesha, and son, Kamundia. They have been members of BUMC since 2010. Mwangi primarily serves on the Worship and Arts Ministry by playing piano and bass guitar during the Contemporary Services. He works as an environmental, health and safety professional in the oil and gas industry. An avid reader, Mwangi loves discussion on almost any topic, especially music and theology.

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