Friday, March 31, 2017


Post by: Mike Orr

I like words. Finding out where words come from, how people use them, and how language develops over time is a fascinating subject to me. If you don’t get as excited about words, I totally understand. It’s one of my nerdy traits. Have you ever thought about the word “Christian”?

People often use it as an adjective, a word that describes a noun. We talk about Christian music, or a Christian movie. It’s perfectly appropriate to talk about Christian theology because it’s distinct. Calling a theology “Christian” describes it and differentiates it from other theologies, like Hindu theology.

“Christian” is a noun when it refers to a person. This is important. When you use “Christian” to refer to yourself, you are not describing yourself, you are defining yourself. You are “a Christian”, not simply “Christian”. It’s an issue of core identity, not simply one more characteristic that you happen to have.

The Bible only uses the noun version. It’s never used as an adjective. Not once. A song can’t be a Christian. A movie can’t either. Only people can be Christians. If you call yourself a Christian, you are making a statement about who you are, and who you follow. Jesus didn’t come to start a clothing brand or a record label. Jesus came to bring you back to his Father, to restore a broken relationship, and to bring you healing and wholeness.

You don’t have to be a word nerd to pay attention to how you use “Christian”. Do you use it as a noun or an adjective? Is it just one of your many traits, or is it your identity?

Act 11:25-26

Mike is the Director of Student Ministries at BUMC. He’s done ministry with students in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, and now Colorado. Mike recently finished his MDiv degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, and his passion is to lead kids of all ages toward adoption into the family of God. If he’s not hanging out with Middle School or High School students, you’ll probably find him on a bicycle or on skis. He makes killer chocolate chip cookies. Reach him at

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