Friday, May 15, 2015

Be Where God Wants You To Be

I'm writing this post from the Tampa International Airport in sunny Florida as my family and I wait for our flight back to (lately) not so sunny Colorado. We've been on vacation here all week and, full disclosure, I was supposed to write this post a couple of days ago and post it on Thursday but some combination of the sun, the beach, and relaxation caused it to slip my mind.

This was our first trip back to Florida since moving to Broomfield in 2011. The first visit back to somewhere that was once called home is always a little interesting, and this trip was no exception even though we left here four years ago. As soon as we walked out of the airport and were hit with the humidity it flooded our minds with memories of living here for so many years. They say that smell is the greatest trigger of memories, but a Florida night with its oppressive stickiness could make a solid case for second place.

All week long we were reminded of Florida life as we spent hours on the beach soaking in the sun. There's a lot to love about that kind of life, and I think JJ could have possibly been pursuaded to move back. I can see why. Me? I enjoyed being here and remembering things that were special to our family but I wouldn't ever want to move back. Mainly because the time I spent living here was just that, a time, a season. It was a great time and season, but it wasn't meant to last forever because God had different plans for Theresa, JJ and me.

That feeling we have all experienced of missing something from the past certainly isn't new. In a story from Matthew 17, Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up to a mountain and they watch him turn into a radiant, glowing being while Moses and Elijah show up and start talking with him. The three disciples are so amazed that they ask Jesus if they can put up some tents and hang out there for a while. But Jesus told them that they had to leave the mountain and go on to what was ahead in his life and ministry. It was a time and a season, but nothing more.

Watching JJ get nostalgic for some of the things he enjoyed about Florida was tough. Just being here made him miss some friends that he left behind and, as a parent, it's not easy to watch kids go through that. He's dealing with some other "moving on" things this year as he finishes up 5th grade and looks toward middle school next year. It seems that following God means we're always moving on to something new and that means we're also always leaving something else behind. New jobs mean leaving old ones behind. New relationships sometimes mean the end of old ones. And as a church congregation, we're facing decisions that might mean moving on to new buildings and leaving the old ones behind.

As we now sit on the plane somewhere between Florida and Denver, my family and I are taking with us some great memories of a fun vacation to a place that we once called home but is now just a relaxing place to visit for a while. We're looking forward to landing at DIA and getting home - where God wants us. In my experience with moving on and following God into new places, that's the best way to do it.

Joe Mazza is the Director of Worship Arts at BUMC and leads worship at our 8:30, 9:45, and 5:05 worship services. 

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