Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cosmic Consciousness

by Ken Brown

One of the toughest things for me to do, but a most rewarding privilege, is to conduct a memorial service for a complete stranger. My aim is to always celebrate the person's life in such a way that those gathered at the service may capture a glimpse of their loved one's glory. Someone once said, "glory is a person fully alive." A person's life, how they lived and how they die always reflects God's glory. Even though a person may be a stranger to me, they are no stranger to God.

About 10 days ago I officiated a memorial service for Sherry Ann Kinnison Kjellberg. She lived in Broomfield from 1967-1977 and returned here for a brief memorial service on her journey to her final resting place. Sherry is a remarkable woman and is well-remembered for her keen inner beauty and her will to live. As a cancer survivor Sherry inspired over 2000 Twitter followers with her "cosmic consciousness quotes.” Two thousand Twitter followers are impressive to me! I'm not even to 200 followers yet!

One of Sherry's followers is the actress Kirstie Alley who followed Sherry because of her many inspiring posts like these:

“Make every moment in your life meaningful; even the challenging times hold lessons of goodness.”

“God walks beside me, but we are in no hurry. He directs my path.”

“Love has no boundaries, no space, no time, nor a place. Love simply is.”

After Sherry triumphed over cancer once, Kirstie made her Twitter following of Sherry even more tangible by shipping her an exquisite porcelain dragon. Sherry and Kirstie's tongue-in-cheek name for cancer was "the dragon," a beastly intruder quite a number of you also slay.

Meeting Sherry on her journey home was a chance acquaintance that makes me grateful for knowing all of you. Your stories inspire me to slow down and take note that God is in no hurry. We are all on a beautiful path home and in the words of late Maya Angelou, "I wouldn't trade nothin' for my journey now."

Check out Sherry's tweets @LShalottCamelot

Ken Brown is the Senior Pastor at Broomfield United Methodist Church. You can contact him at

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  1. Love this - it is so true. Every day is a gift and a chance to love and inspire other s. Thank YOU Ken for inspiring me to continue my journey with God lighting my path!!!