Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Than a Building

by Steve Laser

Our home is located eleven miles east of Broomfield. Sometimes I find myself complaining about the amount of time we spend driving to and from Broomfield: my office is there, my wife, Andrea works there, our five year old goes to kindergarten there, our toddler's daycare is there and of course, our church, BUMC is there. People often say to us, "Can't you find a church closer to home?"  Generally I respond with the same tired joke, "Well, they have great breakfast burritos and the music is awesome."

After the laughter resides, I start reflecting on the list of reasons I have built in my head: Ken is so gregarious, well spoken, and his sermons speak to me in a deep way.  Thomas is one of most intelligent and thoughtful people I know, and I love his gullible nature, and the way he always thinks the best of people. Vicki and Christine and the rest of the BUMC Children's Ministry staff are amazing and teach rich, valuable lessons to our kids. Joe and his team add so much depth to contemporary service that we attend.  And in general, the church as a community does so much to ease the suffering of others- not just within our walls but across the country and overseas.  In addition, we have amazing friends and fellowship with other BUMC members and I would be sad to lose them.

Sometimes, indeed most of the time, I fire this list back at the person who had the audacity to suggest that we find another church. However, I realize that I am wrong and having a list is flawed! The truth is we don't stay because of some silly list or the items on it, or some sense of loyalty, or even the time we have invested in it.  We stay because we were called to this church community: I believe by God, and we will stay here because God still wants us here. He shows us every Sunday and the first Friday of every month (shameless shout out). This place this church community that we call BUMC is not a kin to my dry cleaner, or a bank branch that can be discarded in the name of convenience: this place was chosen for us and we were absolutely called here.  

Think about the moment you felt God called you to BUMC.  Please share in the comments below.

Steve Laser has been a member of BUMC for almost five years.  He is actively involved in the First Friday Fellowship, Theology on Tap, and a monthly usher.  He is a native to Broomfield, Colorado.

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  1. Well said! God brought my husband and I here when we were searching for a church to get married in. At the time we were just looking for exactly that: a church to get married in. Nothing more, nothing less. And we have gained so much! 2 years later we have this amazing church family that seems to be growing daily!