Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Care, We Give

by Ken Brown

A couple of weeks ago I had coffee with Chuck, a Quaker pastor in Denver.  Fascinating guy!  I was impressed with a strong sense of purpose and his pastoral leadership at one parish for 34 years, a feat that is unheard of in the itinerant Methodist church.

Chuck’s eyes lit up when I asked, “What does your congregation do exceedingly well in the service arena?”  Eagerly, he replied, “They offer unsung care to others!” Chuck described his church as a community of servants.  No flagship mission partners.  No sustainable outreach programs in the neighborhood.  “As best as I can tell, Ken, we are excelling at serving off the radar in remarkably caring ways.”

I thought about BUMC and where she exceeds in mission and outreach.  While we are blessed to generously support multiple, sustainable ministry partners like Hope House, CASA, Broomfield FISH, Traffick Stop and Global Hope, at our core, we are a community of servants. 

Totally off my radar but joyfully on God’s radar, you quietly change the world with your passion and caring heart


Checkout our new giving video and commit to one of our causes. And, most importantly, keep doing “whatcha” do - being a community of servants.

                   We Care, We Give from BroomfieldUMC on Vimeo.

There is no “I” in “we” but there is an “I” in Christ.  May you faithfully celebrate Christ in your lives today.

Therefore, if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort in love, any sharing in the Spirit, any sympathy, 2 complete my joy by thinking the same way, having the same love, being united, and agreeing with each other. 3 Don’t do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves. 4 Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others. 5 Adopt the attitude that was in Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:1-5

Ken Brown is the Senior Pastor at Broomfield United Methodist Church. You can reach him at

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