Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Growing Up Mom

by Cristen Underwood

Sometimes I find that my life seems completely overwhelming. As the mom of a tiny terror of a two-year-old with full time Marketing Director position, I often feel like I barely have room to breathe. I don’t think that this is unique to me. It is, I’m sure, a sentiment shared by working and non-working moms all-over the globe.

The responsibility of trying to raise a strong, respectful, kind, responsible, functioning member of society feels like a daunting task. Every time that we take a step forward (learning to pet instead of hit the dog) we take a step back (chucking a plate of macaroni and cheese all the way across the table at a restaurant). There are more good moments than bad, of course. Every time that I hear “Luv yooou Mommeee” my heart melts and all of the grocery store temper tantrums and playground screaming fits are totally worth it.

I lost my dad to an aggressive form of lung cancer in December of last year and I am slowly losing my mom to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease but with the great sadness of that loss comes the silver lining of seeing my parents interact with my son. My dad was able to enjoy the first year of my son’s life. He saw him learn to crawl and walk and grow from a tiny, bundle of a newborn to the strong-willed toddler that he is now. My mom is able to interact with my son with ease and some of my happiest moments are watching her chase her grandson around the back yard.  

As difficult as it sometimes seems to keep up with work and home and friends and family, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to love and be loved by those around me. I often try to focus on Romans 12:12. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” I am hopeful about the amazing future that lies ahead as my son continues to grow and change daily. I try to be patient with the work/life balance of being a full-time working mom (and putting up with temper tantrums) and I look to God to help me understand how I can be the best mom, daughter and friend to those I love.

Cristen Underwood is a member of the BUMC congregation.  You can contact Cristen by email at

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